Aleksandra Awramienko

Spring on!

International exchange was one of the things I’d been dreaming of for a long time. Whenever I heard of such an event from my friends, I was terribly envious of their amazing memories. But as it is said: time will come for you! And there it was! In the April of 2011 I had a grand opportunity to participate in Spring Festival in Maribor, Slovenia. Frankly, I can assure you:  every person who will read the rest can start being jealous straight away.

After a few weeks of thinking everything over and over again, making essential decisions and begging our parents to let us go, we eventually created a group of Polish participants that were to go with Mrs Konieczna to Maribor for a Spring Festival. There was six of us: Sara, Bartek, Asia ‘the first’, Asia ‘the second’, Artur and of course me. Honestly, despite the fact that we went to the same school, we hardly knew each other; apart from me and Sara as we both were in the humanities form. Fortunately, we had a wonderful opportunity to integrate because we had to prepare a presentation of our country – the priority was to make something funny as not many people are fond of watching something that reminds them of news bulletin. We prepared a little show in which we included the last 100 days of a secondary school leaver.



Aleksandra Awramienko
Wszyscy moi Przyjaciele (linoryt 2011)


Aleksandra Awramienko
Sklepy Cynamonowe (linoryt 2011)


Aleksandra Awramienko
Medycyna (linoryt 2011)


ndra Awramienko
Czas (linoryt 2011)

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